Dynamically Link GIS Features to Unstructured Documents

Tessellations announce the release of LinkIT™ Desktop and LinkIT™ Server, an ArcMap and ArcServer extension that finds documents based on your GIS features and attributes.  LinkIT™ uses information in feature classes to find and link to documents using spatial intelligence.  This extension will help retrieve documents that are stored in unstructured file shares.  Optionally LinkIT™ can find documents that are cataloged in document management systems.  Use map interface to find documents that are important to spatial assets.

  • LinkIT™ works in a similar way to the ESRI hyperlink tool, where the user clicks a point or drag a box on the map (like Identify tool), and the tool presents the user with a list of “related” documents for all features
  • The user can then pick a document and open it by double-clicking it (similar to how one opens a document from Windows Explorer)
  • The “related” documents are based on search keywords that are stored in fields in the feature attribute table
  • LinkIT™ Server follows the ArcServer author, publish and user workflow.
  • LinkIT™ Widgets allows the integration of LinkIT tools into the portal web application.

For more information or demo, simply call 731-927-7069 or send us an email.