Raster Hosting, The Woodlands, Texas


  • Confidential Oil & Gas Co.

Services Provided:

  • Setting up data requirements,
  • Data organization and cleanup,
  • Workflow development,
  • Quality control.

Project Objective

The client had a requirement to analyze its raster images for the purpose of hosting or streaming the images through the 3rd party hosting site. The analysis of the images consists of the identification and documentation of certain attributes which leads to processing the images into a file structure in accordance to hosting vendor specifications.

Scope of Services

  • Setting up requirements for images that can and cannot be processed,
  • Inventory of all imagery assets,
  • Preliminary data verification and set up the directory structure,
  • Data cleanup and removing duplicates,
  • Creation of the Image set Index and verification of its uniqueness,
  • Developing a workflow for imagery acquisition, acceptance and processing for web-hosting,
  • Quality control

Notable Accomplishments

  • Streamlining raster data analysis process for web-hosting by creating a workflow that comprise image acquisition, acceptance, processing, quality check and finally data delivery.