Our Team

Beni Patel

Beni Patel holds Master’s degrees in Natural Resources & Environmental Biology with specialization in GIS and Remote sensing. She is highly focused with a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of project management, technical issues and financial practices. A consistent track record of successfully delivering full life cycle projects to the highest technical standards, tight time line and within budget. Beni Patel brings extensive ESRI products experience, having worked with the software for over 25 years.

Beni has worked with a very wide variety of projects including data automation projects involving creating workflows and procedures; GIS databases designing, metadata capture tool creation and permit tracking system design & implementation.  She created endangered species model, Air borne and subsurface pollution plume model, Bird avoidance model using multivariate probabilistic regression. Beni has trained ESRI classes and created custom courses for clients and taught at universities.  She has acted as expert witness and provided litigation support. Beni has provided support at Emergency Operations Center during a response phase of a disaster.

Bhavna Kalla

GIS professional with over 9+ years of progressive work experience and keen ability to deliver high-level, quality products in time-sensitive, deadline-driven environments. Bhavna holds Master’s degrees in Geospatial Information System and in Environmental Science. She is working in the capacity of technical Team lead and hones excellent skills to bring to the table innovative solutions for improving business processes.

Specialties: ♦ GIS ♦ Project Conception to Production ♦ Deadline Management ♦ Cartographic Design ♦ Geodatabase Management ♦ Team Collaboration ♦ Aerial/Satellite Image Interpretation ♦ Quality Assurance/Quality Control ♦ Research and Data Mining ♦ Workflow Development ♦ Enterprise GIS


Sanjay Patel

If there is a story to be told using data, Sanjay Patel can tell that story. Specializing in deriving business insight from qualitative data sources, Sanjay has helped clients across the world better understand the needs, expectations and perceptions of their stakeholders. With experience ranging from healthcare, consumer engagement, resettlement and customer experience, he brings to the table a unique and creative approach to making decisions using techniques such as machine learning, natural language processing and decision science. 

At Tessellations Sanjay focused on helping clients make sense of their “big data” by applying a variety of aggregation and consolidation techniques that help uncover patterns in the data. When applied on top of spatial data, clients can quickly understand things such as pipeline risk/exposure, corporate liability and stakeholder relationship management in ways that have not been possible in the past.

Lincoln Kauffman

Lincoln is a GIS Analyst with over six years of experience in geospatial analysis and GPS field data collection. A Graduate from University of Texas at Austin with Bachelor’s degree in Geography with Honors, Lincoln loves to spend time in the field and collect data.  He is one of our best field crew with deep understanding of what it takes to gather data using GPS and other field equipment.  Lincoln loves to travel and meet people. He has rich experience of working in Municipal, Federal and Private Work environments. Skilled in leadership and proficient in spatial analysis, Lincoln has a desire to succeed through his academic achievements and professional experience.

Paresh Patel

Result-oriented and skilled professional with more than 30 years of technical experience. Paresh Patel has acquired breath of IT experience in various industries, staring as a trainee programmer in Higher Education and now setting standards as an Enterprise Architect.  Along the way he has also managed projects and programs. 

Paresh has worked in the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) industry long enough to see a shift from just a desktop application to a more of an integrated enterprise solution.  With his broad experience he has a good grounding on how to help clients design GIS applications with an eye to an integrated enterprise solution. 

With extensive knowledge of various database technologies, including Sybase, MS SQL Server and Oracle, has contributed in all aspect of the development cycle, from early conceptual design to the implementation of projects.  During his career he has worked on various platforms including VAX/VMS, UNIX, DOS and Windows.  One of the most desirable attribute of Mr. Patel is his ability to comprehend business requirements and turn that into a usable IT solution.

Patrick Bergin

Patrick has over four years of experience and brings international GIS expertise to the Tessellations team. With a B.S. and M.S in Geospatial Science from Missouri State University, Patrick specializes in GIS and remote sensing. He has experience in field work and training and has an extensive background in GIS workflows and procedures.

Patrick is a former student athlete, who represented Missouri State University in Swimming and Diving. During his academic career, he won the Milton D. Rafferty Scholarship for Excellence in Geography and was a participating member of GTU, the International Geographic Honors Society.

Naíca Costa

With a field of study in Ecology, Biology, Earth, Geographical and Environmental Science from University of Cape Town, Naíca has a vast experience in Environmental Impact Assessment.  She also has experience in all aspects of land administration and cadaster, land use planning.  She is an excellent and detailed oriented GIS analyst.  She loves to travel and communicates in Portuguese, French, Spanish and English.

Phanindra Dulam

Results-driven lead programmer with more than 7 years of experience in GIS based IT development. Experience in development, deployment, maintenance, enhancement, & product support of windows and web based GIS applications. Rich domain knowledge & comprehensive understanding of various Software & designing tools. Sound understanding and technical skills for creating new software and systems, designing, analysis, testing, database development and scripting. Technical proficiency in a high paced production environment. Able to incorporate user needs into effective, and user-friendly solutions.

Phanindra has successfully developed Web and Desktop applications in Utilities, Energy and Oil & Gas industry. He has worked extensively in GIS Technologies (ArcGIS Server, ArcGIS Desktop, Arc SDE, ESRI JavaScript API, FME Desktop and FME Server), Microsoft Technologies (ASP.Net, C#.Net, ADO.Net and Web services), scripting languages (Java Script, VB Script, Python Script) and Database (Oracle 10g, SQL Server). He also possesses profound experience in using Object Oriented Programming (OOP).

Abhishek Kala

Abhishek Kala holds a Master’s degree in GIS and is a doctoral candidate in Environmental Science program from University of North Texas. His research focuses on developing a local epidemiological model for predicting West Nile Virus using environmental factors. He has over nine years of combined work experience in Environmental, Development, Academic and Oil & Gas sectors. He possesses excellent knowledge of working with GIS, Remote sensing, Geostatistics and Geovisualization techniques. A diligent analyst with high academic achievements and strong problem solving skills he is continuously looking at ways of improving processes.

Mark Kolter

Experienced GIS/PODS Specialist with an excellent academic profile and proven track record in the industry. Mark is highly focused with a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of pipeline and related assets. He is involved in mapping, data validation and loading pipelines data to PODS. His role also comprise developing client workflows, provide reporting, and utilizing quality control procedures to ensure data accuracy.

Kristin Bartlett-Hoisington

A student of Sam Houston State University working toward a Bachelor of Applied Arts and Science in GIS, Kristin has 2 years of experience.  She excels at quality control, data processing and data management.

Amarnath Challa

Highly skilled GIS Technical Engineer with a strong ability to learn new systems, design workflows and manage large-scale technical issues. Thrives on challenge and works well under pressure, locate inefficiencies in code, and provide quick optimal solutions. Amarnath has over seven Years  of experience in Geospatial Information System (GIS) including  experience in Developing applications  for projects on Land Base, Cadastral Mapping, and Utility(Telecom) using  Arc GIS desktop, Geo media, MapInfo, SQL. He has extensive experience in development of custom GIS solutions and an in-depth knowledge of industry standard development technology including C#, VB.net, JASP .Net and SQL. Amarnath has an ability to quickly comprehend, analyze, and interpret procedural problems for making recommendations to existing procedures.

Pamela Melser

Experienced GIS Analyst with a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of pipeline and related assets. Pam has a Bachelor's degree with Major in Geography, Geography of Human Activity and Minor in Anthropology. Her skill set includes ESRI ArcGIS Desktop, relational databases, AutoCAD, Adobe Illustrator, and Photoshop. She provides analysis, editing, and quality control/assurance for corporate pipeline database; OneCall 811 process support and PODS database management and integration.