Census And Asset Survey, Southern Part of Africa


  • Confidential Oil & Gas Co.

Services Provided:

  • Data preparation and management,
  • Workflow Automation,
  • Data analysis and documentation,
  • Public mobilization and staff training.

Project Objective

An oil and gas client is developing a project that requires resettling the local population. The project required a 100% survey of every house on the project site which included enumerating the people and their assets. The challenge was to collect all this data, in Portuguese, in a very remote part of Africa where there is no running water or electricity. Tessellations was involved in conducting a needs assessment, solution design, implementation and final analysis of the data.

Scope of Services

  • selecting appropriate GPS Hardware and Software solution
  • develop all digital forms,
  • train the data collection staff (in Portuguese),
  • mobilizing 30 – 60 people to the field every day,
  • capture photographs, and collate photographs as well as GPS data to forms,
  • create automated processes to validate the data and to load data into Geodatabases,
  • hyperlink all photographs to the household map,
  • analyze the data for demographic summaries and for socio-economic insights,
  • create mapped products and provide reports on regular basis,
  • integrate this data with data provided by other environmental surveys – often provided as CAD files.

Notable Accomplishments

  • Tessellations implemented an innovative data capture and process approach using the Garmin GPS units, Trimble Yuma 2 devices, and Adapx Capturx Pens.
  • The solution captured data in the field, processed the data, translated the information to English, validated the data, and loaded it into a Geodatabase with 48 hours of interviewing each household.
  • The project captured over 1,500 households, each with potentially three surveys.