One Call Submission, North America


  • Confidential Oil & Gas Co.

Services Provided:

  • Automating One Call submission process
  • Data analysis and addressing issues
  • Data validation, verification and management
  • Creating Cartographic products and documentation

Project Objective

An Oil and Gas client wants to protect its vital underground facilities by marking locations that will enable excavators to locate its underground utilities. The one call data submission process is administered centrally and the purpose of this process is to protect company's underground utilities.

Scope of Services

  • Understand the requirements of the State One Call Agency
  • Creating automated process and building models for data validation, verification and submission
  • Managing One Call database on regular basis
  • Creating mapped products for field and State agency on regular basis and providing data, reports on requirement basis

Notable Accomplishments

  • Tessellations has simplified this multi-step complex process by automating its workflow. The automated work flow checks the validity of data; checks if the utilities are within the CDC (Call Direct Codes) bound; identifies utilities that needs the coverage to be added or removed and finally creates a new shape file with required updates.
  • On similar grounds, Tessellations developed a process and protocol for another major Oil & Gas company. The workflow was developed such that it works with ‘IRTH’, a cloud based solution. The staff was trained to understand and run the process.