Raster Hosting, The Woodlands, Texas


  • Confidential Oil & Gas Co.

Services Provided:

  • Setting up data requirements,
  • Data organization and cleanup,
  • Workflow development,
  • Quality control.

Project Objective

The client had a requirement to analyze its raster images for the purpose of hosting or streaming the images through the 3rd party hosting site, I-cube. The analysis of the images consists of the identification and documentation of certain attributes which leads to processing the images into a file structure in accordance to I-cube specifications.

Scope of Services

  • Setting up requirements for images that can and cannot be processed,
  • Inventory of all imagery assets,
  • Preliminary data verification and set up the directory structure,
  • Data Cleanup and removing duplicates,
  • Creation of the Image set Index and verification of its uniqueness,
  • Developing a workflow for imagery acquisition, acceptance and processing for web-hosting,
  • Quality control

Notable Accomplishments

  • Streamlining raster data analysis process for web-hosting by creating a workflow that comprise image acquisition, acceptance, processing, quality check and finally data delivery.