Smart Mapping For Law Enforcement, Houston, Texas


  • KTRK TV, ABC13

Services Provided:

  • Data management
  • Data integration
  • Geospatial analysis
  • Tool Development

Project Objective

Client wanted to perform a smart mapping analysis on police patrolling cars using gpx data collected for multiple days. The challenge was to provide the ability to rapidly process huge data consisting of millions of points. Tessellations utilized its GIS expertise to create a robust cartographic tool with ability to do temporal analysis. It can be adapted to meet specific needs and disseminate actionable intelligence organization-wide.

Scope of Services

  • Managing huge data consisting of millions of gpx points,
  • Integrating data into a single feature class and creating a path for patrolling cars,
  • Developing a cartographic product to perform spatial analysis of the patrolling cars i.e. which neighborhood was a car patrolling at a particular date time,
  • Creating a color coded map with a time slider bar to perform temporal analysis.

Notable Accomplishments

  • Tool delivers value to support specific needs and analysis,
  • It was used for a story telecasted on ABC13 news channel.