Aransas County Appraisal District, Rockport, Texas


  • Aransas County Appraisal District

Services Provided:

  • Data preparation and management,
  • Data integration and sharing,
  • Tools development and software upgrades,
  • Training.

Project Objective

Aransas County Appraisal District (ACAD) had a contractor convert CAD parcels to an ArcInfo coverage and had also bought ESRI software based on recommendations made by a contractor. Tessellations was tasked to use the existing hardware/software infrastructure and create a multi-user GIS framework. After meeting with the users, Tessellations designed and implemented the appraisal Geodatabase and integrated it with their Computer Aided Mass Appraisal (CAMA) system. Tessellations, installed a GIS sever and integrated it into their existing enterprise computing environment. The system has several floating licenses, and ArcGIS server which is used to serve up maps to other internal and external users using a web mapping service.

Scope of Services

  • data digitization, conversion of CAD drawing to Geodatabase feature classes,
  • continual enhancements of their geodatabase,
  • maintaining and administration of the GIS server,
  • upgrading software as new versions become available,
  • creating automated data extracting tools to extract data from the CAMA to create live maps,
  • working with other vendors to integrate their data into the GIS environment e.g. Pictometry,
  • developed a workflow to enable the users to mobilize their data for field data capture,
  • on-going training for ACAD staff to efficiently use GIS, and
  • interact with other local governments to participate in data sharing.

Notable Accomplishments

  • Successfully converted and imported all the CAD data into Geodatabase
  • Designed and implemented innovative solution to take their data to the field and link it to the map
  • Designed and integrated GIS and CAMA system and publish live maps with CAMA data
  • Tessellations successfully handled all of ACAD’s GIS activities