Endangered Species Modeling, Boise, Idaho


  • Boise Cascade

Services Provided:

  • Scientific literature review
  • Developing species occurrence model
  • Workflow automation
  • GIS integration and spatial analysis

Project Objective

The client conducts harvesting operations in forests that contain threatened and endangered species and communities. It wants to comply with all laws and regulations to protect these species and communities and thus showed an interest in developing probability occurrence models for endangered birds and mammal species.

Scope of Services

  • Literature review of scientific publications on local endangered species for developing model parameters i.e. nesting territory and foraging habitat etc.
  • Developed high end models to predict the occurrence of certain key endangered species on a given piece of land in the northwestern US.
  • Species included birds and mammals and a system was developed such that a land cover map was the input of the model and the output was a probability grid to predict the occurrence of a given endangered species on that piece of property.
  • Models included concepts of non-euclidean geometry, variable home-ranges, identifying seed location and then have these grow into corridors of movement for animals and many other interesting spatial analysis to model foraging and nesting habitats.

Notable Accomplishments

  • Probability occurrence model was developed for six endangered species.
  • Model was progressively used by Timber Company for protecting endangered species.