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At Tessellations we specialize in providing consulting services around Esri products. We also have certified individuals that can help with FME workflows.

Automation & Custom Software Development

Tessellations have always believed in automation, if you have to perform a task over and over again, why not automate.

Remote Sensing and Analytics

Today’s Geospatial operations rely on remote sensing and analytics for urban & rural application.

GIS Services

Tessellations can provide full time in-house GIS technical support that can serve as a primary point of contact for GIS Support questions within the company.


Dynamically Link GIS Features to Unstructured Documents. ArcGIS extension that finds documents based on GIS features/attributes.


Tessellations has staff with decades of GIS experience to help create custom training material and train your staff around your data and workflow.


What’s new at Tessellations…

Esri designates Tessellations as Release Ready Specialty Partner

Tessellations is proud to announce our recognition as a Release Ready Specialty business partner by Esri! The Release Ready Specialty designation recognizes partners who are committed to keep pace with the ever-growing Esri technology and expertise. As an Esri Partner that has been committed to providing quality consulting and training servces, this truly means a lot to us.

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On Call GIS Support

Tessellations “On-Call GIS Support” was created to assist with quick technical questions and GIS projects. With over two decades of experience within the O&G GIS/IT industry, Tessellations is able to assist you with remote help desk (calls under one hour are free).

Easy Government Contracting

The StratMap/DIR Contract is awarded to companies which are technically evaluated by a team of GIS professionals and determined to provide quality geographic data products, services, and GIS software. The availability of these contracts streamlines the procurement process for any acquisition of geographic data, services, and software and provides beneficial competition among some of the best companies in the industry. 


At the Federal level, Tessellations is certified by the SBA as Women Owned Small Business.

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What People Are Saying

I am writing to commend you on the highly competent and professional consultants that you have provided for us over the years. Not only have they contributed to the success of our GIS projects but they have also provided exceptional customer support for our ongoing business needs. It is apparent that you spend a lot of time screening and training your consultants to perform the required tasks before they arrive on site as well as ongoing training to keep their skills current. It is very much appreciated!

Martin D


What you delivered was fantastic. Thank you Abhishek. Really appreciate the effort you lads have put into this.


Anadarko AMA1

I want to thank you for all the efforts Trey has put in as he has been a critical member of the Team…

Rob C

Oil and Gas Company

We recently had a crazy task to generate well over 300 maps for a leadership presentation with requests coming from many different teams and then making sure these teams didn’t modify (e.g. change size of the map images slides etc) and stay aligned in the consistently across presentation.  Bit like keeping kids in line!

Jena was crucial to this work and spearheaded a lot of it.  The leadership have been working through the presentation with the teams and I wanted to pass on that we got great feedback on the map quality and a lot of this was down to Jena’s hard work and patience with the teams. So big thanks to her, well deserved as it was pretty stressful at times!

Rob C

Oil and Gas Company

Tessellations has been amazing to work with.  Their staff has a depth of knowledge that few in their industry have.  We use their LinkIT technology and have had nothing but great results.  The ability that LinkIT allows for research is a unique solution to a common problem that Tessellations has mastered.

Paul R

GIS Manager, Publishing Company