Remote Sensing

3D Visualization of Bathymetry Data, Southern Part of Africa

Created 3D models, animations and images

to better understand offshore geography


Oil & Gas Company,

Mozambique, Africa

An oil and gas client required a platform for 3D geospatial processing and analysis to benefit its offshore team. Tessellations implemented the Fledermaus software platform to demonstrate 3D visualization. A 3D animation provided the client a fly-through perspective of bathymetric and various spatial data of a proposed pipeline. The platform also enabled thorough 3D data analysis.

Tessellations demonstrated the extensive functionality of the Fledermaus software platform. The Fledermaus platform functions across all phases of a project from planning, processing and QC, through to analysis and production of images and animations.

Services Provided:

Produced 3D Bathymetric Images

Data Manipulation

Spatial Analysis

Workflow Documentation



  • Produced XYZ grids, contours, and sun-illuminated georeferenced bathymetric images
  • Imported a geographic and bathymetry dataset in its native resolution and analyzed it in a 3D scene
  • Created instant interactive profiles on the surface
  • Rendered 3D animation to enable data extraction and visualization
  • Demonstrated grid, point, line, image, and Google Earth export options for easily integrating the Fledermaus software into the existing workflow


Notable Accomplishments

Tessellations’ ability to utilize the Fledermaus software platform to create 3D visualization of spatial data allowed the clients to quickly gain insight and extract additional information from the underlying numerical data.