AutoCAD-GIS Data Standards

Data conversion and validation
Update data standards and develop data validation tool


Port of Houston Authority

The Port of Houston Authority required recommendations for updating their current AutoCAD/GIS data integration standards. Tessellations reviewed existing standards and made recommended updates that reflected the change in technology as well as the client’s need to have a more robust solution when converting delivered CAD data to GIS. Tessellations was also tasked with developing a data validation tool for storm water data that would allow for error reporting on CAD data deliveries, providing the client with the necessary information to make decisions on whether the data meets their required standards or if further review is necessary by their consultants.

Services Provided:

Update AutoCAD/GIS Data Standards

Design New and Realistic Workflow

Develop Data Validation Tool

In-depth Process Documentation



  • Provide new set of AutoCAD/GIS data integration standards
  • Design a realistic workflow update that can easily be adopted by client and third-party consulting firms working for client who provide the AutoCAD data
  • Develop data validation tool to review and validate delivered AutoCAD data to ensure data meets those data requirements and standards defined


Notable Accomplishments

The recommendations provided by Tessellations will support the client in their process to request and require consultants to follow client's set of defined data standards

The data validation tool allows clients to easily identify errors in data deliveries and provides an easy-to-read report that can be delivered back to consultants if further review is required