Data Management

Census And Asset Survey, Southern Part of Africa

Conducted data collection, analysis, and mapping

of over 1500 households in a remote area.


Oil & Gas Company

Houston, Texas

An oil and gas client requires help to resettle a local population for a developing project. The client required surveys of every house, without fail, in the project site, which included enumerating the people and their assets. The challenge was to collect this massive amount of data, in Portuguese, in a very remote part of Africa with no running water or electricity. Over 1500 households were surveyed, up to three times each. Tessellations was involved in conducting a needs assessment, solution design, implementation, and final analysis of the data.

Services Provided:

Data preparation and management,

Workflow Automation,

Data analysis and documentation,

Public Mobilization

Staff Training.

Rapid Translation & Data Delivery


Scope of Services

  • Selected appropriate GPS hardware and software solution
  • Developed all digital survey forms
  • Trained the data collection staff in Portuguese
  • Mobilized 30 – 60 people to the field every day
  • Captured photographs, and collated photographs, as well as GPS data, to forms
  • Created automated processes to validate the data and to load data into Geodatabases
  • Hyperlinked all photographs to the household map
  • Analyzed the data for demographic summaries and for socio-economic insights
  • Created mapped products and provided reports on regular basis
  • Integrated this data with other environmental surveys (often provided as CAD files)


Notable Accomplishments

Tessellations implemented an innovative data capture and process approach using the Garmin GPS units, Trimble Yuma 2 devices, and Adapx Capturx Pens.

The project captured over 1,500 households, each with potentially three surveys.

This solution made it possible to capture field data, process it, translate it into English, validate the data, and load it into a geodatabase within 48 hours of each household survey interview.