Data Visualization and Operations Dashboard

Webmap and KPI using Enterprise Tools


Oil & Gas Company,

Houston, Texas

 Client wanted to implement, using an Enterprise platform, solution that allows you to view, design, and save web maps. The key idea was to combine GIS information and services to create a maps that can be shared with others, and also embed them in apps that deliver advanced functionality such as high-quality printing, quick analysis, geoprocessing, editing, and search. Also, day to day operations needed to be monitored using a dashboard setup and some key performance indicators.

Services Provided:

Data management

Data Visualization

Dashboard and KPI setup

Widget Configuration



  • Create, save, and share web maps.
  • Create and host web mapping apps.
  • Search for GIS content within your organization.
  • Create groups to share GIS information with colleagues.
  • Monitor and manage daily operations,
  • Visualizes Key Performance Indicators (KPI),
  • Utilize Web Maps, Bar charts, lists, histograms, indicators, details and data query options.


Notable Accomplishments

Effort appreciated by the management Team and highly discussed in the monthly GIS users meeting