Data Management

End-to-End Data Automation

Create data solutions involving every step of the process from

ETL to application development


Oil & Gas Company,

Houston, Texas

An oil and gas client is automating the ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) processing of Commercial, Public, and Internal data streams to their GIS Enterprise platform. Workflows including loading Millions of features automatically every month using SAFE Software’s FME and Python. Every Feature passes through spatial and attribute validation checks. FME workbenches also process some features with additional analysis for the creation of unique internal, derivative data products. Once loaded into the GIS Enterprise platform, the implementation of ESRI’s ArcGIS Portal enables users to access the data layers for their own maps and apps and through interactive applications built from Web AppBuilder and Operations Dashboard.

Services Provided:

ETL Development

Workflow Automation

Data Analysis

Application Development




  • Extract data through vendor APIs, internal database views, and cloud resources
  • Analyze data for spatial and attribute inaccuracies
  • Combine datasets from multiple sources for comparison and validation
  • Create automated processes to validate the data and to load data into ArcSDE
  • Create metadata, symbology, and labels for new data layers
  • Create custom popups using python to programmatically generate custom html from REST
  • Create applications to view the data layers using WebApp Builder, Insights, and Operations Dashboards.


Notable Accomplishments

Tessellations developed automated workflows to speed delivery and accumulation time from when vendors, public entities, and the client’s internal working groups updated data to the time that they data was immediately available to the rest of the organization through the GIS Enterprise.

Developed Applications that both allow broad overviews of the industry and activity within the company as well as applications that allow users to dive deep into the data to draw out analysis and insights from the information in the GIS Enterprise.