FME Solutions - Railroad Data

Extract, transform, and enrich railroad data for GIS using FME


Capital Metro

Austin, Texas

The client had a collection of data related to two main railway lines that traveled through the city. Tessellations was tasked to review all original data that existed in either CAD or KMZ formats, and organize and categorize the data as to whether they were right of ways, assets, or encroachments related to the railway centerline. An FME workflow was developed to extract the data, handling each data source appropriately. The FME process was designed to determine the data type, and measure and capture the location of each element along the length of the railway line. Custom transformers were developed to handle the different data geometry types in order to accurately measure each data element extracted and placed along the railway line. The final product was a geodatabase with all extracted data as a point, line, or polygon feature class, along with the original data source, the type of data element and description, and the measure along the length of the railway line, as attribute information.

Services Provided:

Background research on existing rail data and categorize appropriately

Develop ETL solution with FME

Deliver clean and attribute-rich GIS data



  • Reviewed the data in the original format to determine the best course of action.
  • Developed an FME process to extract the data from each of the original data sources while measuring the location of each data element along the length of the railway line.
  • Developed custom transformers in FME to capture measurements along the railway line based on the incoming data geometry type.


Notable Accomplishments

Developed an FME workflow to extract and organize different railway-related data in different original data formats, measuring the location along the railway line while handling the different data geometry types, and writing out as GIS data with attribute descriptions.