FME Solutions - Traffic Incident Data

Track and package new traffic incidents data to WAZE as JSON files


Capital Metro

Austin, Texas

The client had a method to download and maintain traffic incident data internally. They needed a solution to review this data, and identify new traffic incidents as they were added to the database, and report these new data as JSON data packets to WAZE. Tessellations would develop an FME solution that would monitor the internal traffic incident database on a regular schedule, identify new traffic incidents, check that the incident has not already been reported to WAZE as an active incident, flag those active incidents as closed that were no longer active, and transform this data into JSON format. The FME solution needed to be able to be developed in a way so it would be able to be inserted into an already existing workflow.

Services Provided:

Reviewed original traffic incident data

Research WAZE data packaging and delivery requirements

Develop ETL solution with FME

Process documentation



  • Reviewed traffic incident data as the client was collecting them.
  • Researched and reviewed WAZE data delivery requirements, ensuring data would be packaged correctly.
  • Developed FME process to monitor the traffic incidents data, with logic to determine new active traffic incidents that have not been reported and incidents that have already been reported and closing inactive traffic incidents.
  • Provided additional support to the client to ensure the process is plugged into the existing workflow and worked as expected.


Notable Accomplishments

Developed an FME workflow that would run on a regular interval, identifying new traffic incidents, formatting the data on these incidents, and packaging the data as JSON files to be sent to WAZE.