Fort Bend County
County Appraisal Districts

Automating pipeline and seismic data cataloging, quality control and archiving


Fort Bend County Engineering,

Richmond, Texas

The Fort Bend County Engineering department brought Tessellations on to help identify parcels in the unincorporated sections of the county that would satisfy the Commissioner’s requirements of potential Use and Sales tax. The County Appraisal Districts allow County governments to recoup Sales and Use taxes from the State of Texas that can be used in the unincorporated areas for road and park projects.  This money would have otherwise gone to statewide projects or to the larger metro areas. Fort Bend County Engineering required high quality maps to display result of the analysis to the Commissioner’s office and the Commissioner’s Court for approval.

Services Provided:

Parcel data analysis

Tax and voter registration data analysis

Court and elections quality maps and report preparation and delivery



  • Identify all parcels in the unincorporated sections of the county and determine if parcels met CAD requirements through data querying and aerial imagery verification
  • Use voter registration data to further identify parcels; parcels with voters registered to them were easily identified as not satisfying the County Appraisal Districts requirements
  • Develop high quality maps that would be used in county goverenment meetings
  • Develop associated reports of the counties identified in the unincorporated sections of the county that met the County Appraisal Districts requirements


Notable Accomplishments

Tessellations effectively and efficiently identified all parcels that met the County Apprasial Districts requirements by use of data querying and verifying with aerial imagery, along with the use of voter registration data.

Tessellations also developed high quality maps and reports and delivered them to the Fort Bend County Engineering department.