Site Selection

Where to relocate

Model and report site selection suitability


Harris County /                 Page Southerland Page

The office for Harris County, Texas identified potential sites to relocate four main county departments: the County Health Department, the County Community Department, the Engineering Department, and the County Flood Control.  To determine which sites are best fit for each department and the community they serve, the Harris County Office and Page required a method to assess and score each site. Page tasked Tessellations to develop a method to identify the most suitable site location for each of the considered departments. The suitability analysis included the use of demographic data, public transportation accessibility, department accessibility, and flood vulnerability.

Services Provided:

Site Suitability Analysis

Modeling Suitability with FME

Model Flood Potential with LiDAR DEM

Automated Reports with FME

Process Documentation



  • Develop scoring metrics to measure each parameter analyzed
  • Model parameter analysis and score assignment through the use of FME
  • Using LiDAR DEM, modeled low-lying land and areas prone to flash flooding and standing water
  • Generate automated reports on the analysis and scoring results


Notable Accomplishments

Developed FME workflows to quickly evaluate parameter scores and individual site scores.

FME also enabled us to easily generate reports of the results.

As new parameters were included and it was necessary to reevaluate each site, new reports could be generated quickly and accurately.