Remote Sensing

In-Migration Study Using Image Classification, Southern Part of Africa

Satellite imagery acquisition, processing, enhancement,

classification, and change detection analysis


Private Company

An oil and gas client requested to evaluate land use/land cover (LULC) changes for developing efficient management strategies. Having understood the vital role of information on LULC in the form of maps and statistical data Tessellations utilized remote sensing and GIS techniques for conducting change detection analysis. This study was conducted to analyze whether the existing land cover is changing due to influx of human population and various human activities in the surrounding areas. Initial phase of the study included image analysis for documenting baseline data for various land use classes.

Services Provided:

Acquisition of satellite imagery

Image processing and enhancement

Image classification and change detection analysis

Data documentation and reporting



  • Initial processing of imagery for selected areas of interest
  • Testing different image classification software to best fit project needs
  • Comparing various image classification methods and selecting the most appropriate one for the purpose of periodic LULC change assessment
  • Performing image enhancement techniques for generating multiband output raster with improved classification results
  • Selecting number of classes for best suited classification output. Visual image interpretation was utilized to classify the images to various land use categories
  • Reporting total area covered under selected classes, change over time, limitations and recommendations


Notable Accomplishments

The outputs from image classification were used for analyzing in-migration of human population in project affected areas