Field Data Collection

Boots on the ground
Field Data Collection and Validation


Oil and Gas Service Company

Houston, Texas

An oil and gas service company that performs work for an oil and gas production company needed a way to send information to HQ so that billing can happen for work performed or equipment rented in the field. The work performed in the field falls in to three categories, services performed by employees, liquids transported between sites and rental of equipment. Before billing can happen, the information collected in the field, needed field sign off, go through validation and supervisor approval.

Services Provided:

Field Data Collection Software Selection

Form design

Workflow design

Software development

Application integration



  • Forms and workflow design for the field
  • Designed and development of interface with the field collection platform
  • Web-based interface development to manage field collected data
  • Dynamic workflow platform developed to manage approval
  • Data validation platform developed that can be changed as business needs change without changing code


Notable Accomplishments

With the implementation of this application the service company can ensure timely invoicing of work performed and increase cash flow

The service company was also able to keep tabs on field crew as side benefits from the collected metadata

With implementation of business rule validation, the number of billing errors were drastically reduced