Oil Well Servicing Route Optimization

 Provided the most efficient routes for crews to service only the oil wells in the most need


Oil & Gas Company,

Houston, Texas

An oil and gas company managed over 100 oil well sites, in various conditions, with just four crews per field office to service them. The company needed a way to find the top-priority wells along with the best driving route for the crew to take to multiple sites each day.

 Tessellations adapted the company’s oil well data and created an algorithm that assigned priorities depending on well condition. After finding the wells most in need of inspection, Tessellations calculated the most efficient over-the-road routes based on distance, time, and fuel consumption for the crews to visit each day.

Services Provided:

Data analysis

Route Modeling & Optimization

Data Integration




  • Ranked oil well sites by performance and condition
  • Utilized ArcGIS and Network Analyst to find the most efficient route to multiple wells
  • Visualization generated on GIS platform
  • Workflow designed and optimized


Notable Accomplishments

Tessellations rescued the oil and gas company from having to hire new staff to visit all the wells, not just the ones in need of repair.

The client was also able to save substantial money by only taking fuel or time-sensitive routes to their wells.