Parcel Viewer

Enriched Parcel Dataset


Tessellations Internal Project

The Woodlands, Texas

There is a need for land developers, real estate agents, and other investment groups to have access to a web application to quickly and easily identify attractive investment opportunities. Most of the difficulty comes from identifying good quality data, and getting it in a format to easily view and understand and use. Tessellations has done the work of collecting from multiple credible data agencies to enrich parcels with information on recent sales, parcel valuation and ownership information, demographic statistics, city statistics, flood risk and flooding tendencies, physical characteristics such as slope of the property, and soil characteristics. These parcels are enriched with over 60 characteristic and statistical attributes to help hone in on the perfect potential investment.

Services Provided:

Data mining and acquisition

"Big data" management

Automating data processing and preparations

Development of user-friendly web map application



  • Mine for and acquire data at a parcel level from various credible sources
  • Develop methods to manage and maintain large amounts of data
  • Develop automated processes to prepare and manipulate data to enrich parcels within FME, Python, and Model Builder
  • Build a web map application in ArcGIS Online, allowing users to search on and view the various attributes of the parcel data


Notable Accomplishments

This project required managing multiple large datasets and preparing them to be used to enrich at an individual parcel level. All data preparation steps are automated used a series of tools developed in FME, Python, or Model Builder, to quickly prepare the parcel enrichment process and to generate updates to the data seamlessly.