Pipeline Hydrological Assessment Project

GIS data management, analysis, hydrological modeling, lidar data processing


Pipeline Operator

Houston, Texas

The client, a Geotechnical Company that was hired by a Pipeline Company, wanted to perform a risk analysis of the potential geohazards along approximately 550 mile potential pipeline route, spanning multiple states. Proactive risk management helps to identify the areas which require mitigation to prevent a failure of the pipeline or significantly damage the pipeline. The project was aimed to identify various geohazards and its mitigation early in the development process.

Tessellations role on this multiyear project was to manage all the GIS data for the project.  We also researched and collected all the publicly available data from different sources and documented the source and maintained the chain of custody.  We performed all the analysis to assess, geotechnical and hydrotechnical hazards using all the publicly available data and augmented by field collected data for this project. We also assessed the quality of the LiDAR products, which was acquired by the Pipeline Company. Some Lidar data was reflown after we pointed out the deficiencies in products while using it to perform analysis. The project had a number of phases and deadlines where reports had to be generated and delivered on predefined deadlines.  We had developed workflows and protocols to make sure we delivered all the maps and analysis in time to meet the reporting deadlines. Many of the mapbooks generation was automated to show multiple maps on one sheet of paper.

Services Provided:

Compile public domain data

Spatial data management

Hydrological modeling

Lidar data QC and processing

Deliver cartographic outputs including maps, map books, map packages, web maps and 3D surface Profile mapping



  • Check the availability of publicly available data that were used for risk analysis study
  • Data management, quality control and metadata creation
  • Processing data and performing analysis to assess, geotechnical and hydrotechnical hazards using the publicly available data and augmented by field collected data
  • Assessing the quality of the LiDAR data received from client and generating high resolution DEM surface for further geohazard analysis.
  • Perform hydrological modeling to run watershed  analysis and create a mapbook with key statistics for the identified drainage areas
  • Perform stream crossings analysis and create a profile mapbook
  • Creating various cartographic products including maps, mapbook, map package
  • Creating maps for uploading on ArcGIS online – for visualization and analysis and offline data collection.
  • Generate slope and hillshade data and run statistical analysis on various sites
  • Creating mileposts data and perform analysis for stream crossings on forest rerouting pipeline segments


Notable Accomplishments

Due to the permitting requirements, Tessellations developed a robust data management and chain of custody protocol for this project.