Planned Wellbore Tool

Identify Acreage for Wellbore Planning


Oil and Gas Company

The client required an interactive tool to output potential wellbore paths based on the known locations of existing paths, whether thee wells are operated by client or not. Based on the input of those existing wellbore paths, Jeffersonian sections, and an area of interest, suitable acreage would need to be identified for placement of the potential planned wellbore path lines. With the available acreage identified, the tool would be able to create those path lines, and output these lines to the user’s map.

Services Provided:

Defined spacing and distance requirements with client

Developed tool to run in ArcGIS environment to identify acreage

Within tool, create planned wellbore path lines within the defined empty acreage



  • Identify potentially available acreage, where there are no wellbore paths currently
  • Based on existing wellbore paths and area of interest, generate new potential wellbore path lines, meeting spacing distance and length requirements
  • Enable users to run this tool on queried and subsets of data, and manipulate spacing parameters where appropriate


Notable Accomplishments

Designed interactive tool in ArcGIS to allow users to input necessary parameters to build potential acreage and lay groundwork to create new wellbore path lines

Developed sophisticated method in creating potential wellbore paths within the suitable acreage identified