Data Management

Saltwater Waste Disposal Report

 Developed an FME process to notify teams of new SWD applications


Oil & Gas Company,

Houston, Texas

The client required a solution that would allow their Land Department to monitor saltwater waste disposal (SWD) applications sent in by other oil and gas companies to the state. The client was interested in those where the proposed site would be within their own invested areas of interest. Tessellations developed an FME solution that would notify team members via email of any new SWD applications reported, while also maintaining an SDE feature class of the active applications, and updating those records that have since been closed. The email would be an HTML report on those new active applications that were within the company’s areas of interest and would include information about the application itself, whether the proposed site would be on or near the company’s existing leased land, and a link that would navigate recipients to an internal web map application.

Services Provided:

Research and Development

ETL Development using FME

Subscription-based email reports to team members

Interactive web map application




  • Developed FME process to regularly download the SWD spreadsheet from online data portal
  • Compared existing records with new records, and updated status of those closed applications
  • Identified locations of new applications that would be within the client’s areas of interest and on or near leased land tracts
  • Generated clear HTML reports sent via email using FME that showed new SWD applications


Notable Accomplishments

The regular SWD email reports gave the team a significant advantage. By closely monitoring these SWD applications that were potentially near their existing assets, they would have ample time to protest these projected sites if they chose to do so.