Smart Mapping for Law Enforcement

Created a cartographic tool that tracks police car patrol routes for use in a TV news broadcast



Houston, Texas

The client needed a cartographic solution for displaying where police patrol cars were at a specific time and date for a TV news story. This required dealing with millions of GPX points over multiple days for certain patrol routes. Tessellations needed to provide a solution to rapidly process huge amounts of data.

Tessellations created a unique robust cartographic tool for use within ArcGIS. The displays patrol car locations at specified times, with a color-coded map and time slider bar for ease of use. This tool can easily be adapted to meet other specific needs and provide actionable intelligence for the entire client organization.

Services Provided:

Data Management & Integration


Geospatial & Temporal Analysis

Custom Tool Development



  • Big data management of millions of individual GPX points, including aggregating the individual points into a single feature class to display the paths of the police vehicles
  • Development of a custom cartographic tool to perform spatial analysis for the client’s specific needs
  • Creating a color-coded map with a time slider bar to perform time-based analysis for optimal understanding by the client and public


Notable Accomplishments

Houston’s ABC13 TV channel displayed maps in a news story broadcast

Provided ABC13 with a custom cartographic tool ready for use in future projects