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Tessellations exclusively focused on providing consulting services in the following areas:

  • IT and GIS integration based on business requirements to create usable Enterprise GIS/IT solutions
  • Consulting: Participate in IT/GIS meetings for brain storming software rollout or for solutions to complex projects.
  • Litigation Support and Testimony
  • Needs Analysis: Evaluate for optimizing ArcGIS Desktop, ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Server (on premise hardware or cloud) including migration of existing datasets and maps. Continual support to maintain and monitor the GIS infrastructure
  • Dashboard, Portal & ArcGIS Online development and Decision Maps
  • Imagery: Processing and imagery data management


  • ArcGIS Desktop, ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Server
    • Software install issues, testing ArcGIS suite and extensions
    • GIS software upgrade or roll-out in the company
  • Database Design Management & Optimization
    • Optimize workflow processes to collect, store and access GIS data, improve geodatabase design and streamline schemas. All aspects of geospatial data management
    • Developing standards and procedures
  • Automation & Solutions
    • Creating and automating workflows for different user groups
    • Providing solutions to complex analytical issues and Optimizing workflows
    • Developing analytical solutions – geostatistical and geospatial modeling
  • Data Exchange
    • Conversions and transformations to facilitate users of various GIS programs.
    • FME, ETL, ArcGIS, Global Mapper


Our lead trainer, Beni Patel became ESRI authorized trainer in 1996.  She taught Introduction to GIS at the University of Houston for eight years.  Was invited to guest lecture and mentor students at several high schools and colleges.  She has experience in developing custom courses in GIS for ExxonMobil and Duke Energy.  She has taught ESRI authorized classes for 11+ years and was recognized as one of the top 5 trainers by ESRI in 2005.  Over time she has taught several hundred students on ESRI products and maintains an excellent rating on the student evaluations.

Some of the companies who have had trainees attend her classes includes:

Harris County Flood Control District
Montgomery County 911 District
City of Huntsville
The Woodlands Community Association
Anadarko Petroleum
Temple Inland
Avia Environmental Inc.
Decision Analyst
Montgomery County
City of Houston
Aransas County
Conroe Independent School District
Shell Oil
Marathon Oil
Occidental Petroleum Corporation
Fugro Robertson
Montgomery County Appraisal District
City of Conroe
Aransas County Appraisal District
Aldine Independent School District
Duke Energy
British Petroleum
Visual Solutions
Coastal Preserve and Developments Foundation
Capital Metropolitan Transportation Authority

Tessellations will be happy to create custom class and train your staff.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Testimonials from Students:

Justin Williams – Assistant Professor – Sam Houston State University
Beni, is a true professional, good humor and understands the demands of the class.

Lauren Grawey
Ms. Patel was very knowledgeable about the subjects. She could always give informed answers to any questions that were asked.

Jay Krishnan – Systems Analyst – University of Houston
The instructor has been excellent throughout the course, she is knowledgeable, approachable and made every effort to ensure the material was understood

Lili Yu – Graduate Student – Dept. of Geosciences
I think Dr. Patel is a very good instructor and really enlightens me something new and exciting.

Allison Purviance – GIS/Field Technician – Panhandle Groundwater Conservation
Beni Patel is a really knowledgeable instructor with obviously tons of experience in the field and very helpful in answering questions.

Amy Crowell – Hydrologist – Panhandle Groundwater Conservation
Beni is VERY knowledgeable about ESRI and answered several questions that others had not been able to.

Lori Francis
Ms. Patel was extremely knowledgeable and thorough.

Vicki Hernandez – Crime Analyst – HCSO
The instructor for this course did an excellent job of making the information understandable. I had basic knowledge before this course and she made it very easy to start to understand the concept of the ESRI program. Very good instructor would recommend her to anyone.

L Green
The instructor was very knowledgeable. She has excellent teaching skills, made the class fun and interesting; you didn’t fell like you were going to fall asleep during the lectures. She was very personable.

Joanna Jasek – Crime Analyst – Harris County Sheriff’s Office
Beni is a great teacher and I would definitely take another class from her.

Paul Pennington
The best.  Very Knowledgeable

Valina Evans – GIS Technician II – Turner Collie & Braden
Excellent Teacher – very knowledgeable, will fine the answer to your questions if not readily available. Hope she teaches classes in other areas of ARCGIS.   Will be looking for her.  Great instructor.  Very helpful, before, after and during class. Hope to have her again!!

James Wunderlich
Beni explained all the chapters we covered very well and was very helpful in answering questions.

GIS On Site Support 

  • Highly trained and vetted GIS Professionals
  • Years of experience in geospatial industry
  • Quickly understanding and integrating within big and small organizations
  • Able to provide GIS to IT support in bridging systems
  • With Tessellations you leverage the entire company’s experience and knowledge base. Our staff constantly interacts, supporting each other as a single resource to quickly resolve problems.

GIS On Site Support Options

  • Short Term (days or weeks): Able to provide staff, in a remote setting, fully capable of jumping in and working with your staff. On-site staff an option when required
  • Longer Term: Provide full time GIS professionals on-site, or remotely, to bridge employment gaps

Automation & Custom Software Development

SAVE TIME & MONEY by increasing your workflow efficiency

Tessellations believes in the power of automation and brings a passion to every project.  If you’d ever had to perform a task over and over again, why not automate.  In a quest for automation, we have established skill sets for Software Development and have a dedicated staff of developers. Maximize the value of your data with custom integration workflows that support everything from geospatial data, XML to internet applications.

  • We’ve been developing custom Apps & software for 17 years
  • Custom applications based on your requirements to simplify repeated workflows or create functionalities not available in current application. Automate statistics of large datasets into actionable reports for business decisions
  • Location Analysis and Integration
  • Our developers are seasoned in spatial technology and look forward to a challenge 
  • We develop ArcGIS extensions for Server, Desktops and Pro
  • Create custom workflow automation using Python
  • Web mapping applications using custom and out of the box ESRI tools
  • Mobile Apps for field personnel
  • Certified FME professionals able to develop applications to streamline your operation
  • Socio-Economic Surveys & Automated statistics gathering & reporting
  • Dashboards: Create organization and project specific dashboards, from your data, for summary insights that can help decision makers with business decisions
  • Data Exchange: Assistance in data exchange by conversions and transformations to facilitate users of various GIS programs. This may involve ArcGIS, Global Mapper, FME and more

Business Decisions:

  • Data Points: Migrate millions of data points into customized analytics
  • Utilities: Modernize pipelines, transmission & service lines and water & wastewater systems into customized workflows
  • Transportation: Integrate real-time data and location intelligence (like 311 or Waze) into transportation dashboards and reports
  • Natural Resources: Combine environmental, socioeconomic and other remote sensing data sources into customized reports for staff and stake-holders to identify and mitigate disasters quickly
  • Energy & Utility: Deal with massive volumes of data? Organizations can unlock what’s beneath the surface to find solutions for business intelligence, customer engagement, and energy production. Create automated workflows that process data as soon as it’s been collected so users can spend more time analyzing data.
  • Connected Government: State & Local agencies are dynamic, forever-changing, and will always have a variety of datasets in each agency. Transform datasets into the format of choice so that access is never limited by the software state, counties and cities have.


  • Imagery & Lidar QA/QC
  • Imagery & Lidar Data Extraction & Analysis
  • Catalogue your flights by location
  • Data Extraction & Analysis
  • SAR: Synthetic Aperture Radar
  • Hyperspectral


Today’s Geospatial operations rely, more than ever, on remote sensing for urban & rural change detection, feature capture, disaster response, elevation and a whole new world of Machine Learning and Analytics.

Tessellations Remote Sensing Experience includes many standard & custom analytics:

  • 3D geo-spatial processing and analysis platform
  • Image Classification
  • Creating spatial signatures
  • Habitat Sensitivity
  • Spatial Derived Analytics
  • 3D bathymetric images
  • Land use/Land cover
  • Municipal Watershed Tax Application:  Impervious Cover intersected with tax parcels

Tessellation is a ‘Planet Orbit’ Business Partner with the ordering, delivery and analytical capabilities to provide turn-key service to our clients. Daily revisits all over the world.