LinkIT Extension

Where are my documents?


Dynamically Link GIS Features to Unstructured Documents

Tessellations tool LinkIT™ introduces an innovative approach to searching unstructured data enabling you to use ArcGIS to search, link & manage unstructured data, from various locations. The LinkIT™ approach performs search by utilizing a map interface to find & catalog important documents.

LinkIT™ is:

  • An ESRI extension for ArcGIS Desktop, ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Server
  • Searches using ArcGIS features & attributes to find important related documents
  • Performs dynamic searches with no hard coding of paths. When new documents are added to your unstructured repository, they appear on your search results without any additional maintenance tasks.

Searching for non-structured content can be overwhelming and time consuming, LinkIT can:

  • Search documents in network drives and help keeping data organized
  • Help find supporting reference documents, reports, pictures/illustrations & related files
  • Search web sites for competitive marketing content
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