Data Management

Enterprise Data Management

Process workflow and data documentation


Oil & Gas Company,

Houston, Texas

Tessellations has consulted on several projects to manage GIS data assets in the ArcSDE environment.  Worked with migrating from SDE 8.3 to 9.1 which involved working with users to determine which layers needs to be migrated.  Process documents were created for every single layer in SDE (approximately 1500).  Metadata standards were created and tools were developed that would ease data entry and help in maintenance activities.  Another similar project was done where the Client acquired two companies and the SDE environments have to be merged.  This integration project also involved a layer by layer evaluation of two SDE environments.  Worked with programmers to make sure automated processes that moved data from a master database into the SDE we migrated and tested in the new environment.

Services Provided:

Needs assessment study

Recommending procedures for data management

Developing tools and automating processes

Defining metadata standards to comply with FGDC



  • Conducting needs assessment with key users on determine which layers are of value
  • Working with developers to determine sources and automation process
  • Defining metadata standards that comply with Federal Geographic Data Committee standards
  • Creating scripts to create certain elements of the metadata
  • Customizing a metadata template to be used in ArcCatalog
  • Recommending procedures for raster data management, and
  • Testing automation processes to move data from one enterprise database to another


Notable Accomplishments

Defining Enterprise wide data standards

Successfully documented all of the layers

Successfully integrated acquired data into the enterprise SDE