Data Management

Environmental Data Management

Management of data collected over 25+ years


Oil & Gas Company,

Houston, Texas

An Oil and Gas client is managing a remediation project that involves post-closure care of a facility and treatment of groundwater for benzene. For the purpose of site cleanup and prevention of substantial risk to people or environment, it becomes crucial to manage environmental data. It can be a challenge to properly manage the massive amount of data being generated and to understand the complex relationships present in the data. Final product was an evergreen GIS system that allows the user to review benzene contamination plumes over time. The GIS was linked to associated reports, logs, graphs and drawings which allowed the user to quickly retrieve historical reports on a given asset on the ground.

Services Provided:

Preparation for data collection of scheduled sampling events

Defining field data collection protocols and specifications

Coordinating field and laboratory data compilation

Streamlining laboratory data uploads

Organizing groundwater, EDD, Fluids and wells data all in one central database



  • Uploading and sharing data on SharePoint
  • Developing scripts and queries for data upload and update
  • Identifying potential technical data issues and provide inputs to resolve them
  • Generating automated reporting through informative charts, trend analysis reporting


Notable Accomplishments

Tessellations introduced Digital pen technology implementation for field staff, reducing risk and increasing efficiency by bypassing data transcription from paper and cumbersome interfaces

Tessellations experience with data management and analysis ensured quick turn data reporting to comply with project expectations including output to GIS

Introduced the concept of an “Evergreen GIS” which was then adopted to several other projects