Data Management

Oil And Gas Data Cataloging

Automating pipeline and seismic data cataloging, quality control and archiving


Oil & Gas Company,

Houston, Texas

An oil and gas client requested an automated workflow to manage linear data. The client’s vendors delivered data for asset management and operations around the world. Deliverables produced by vendors included surveys for existing and purposed oil and gas pipelines and seismic line data.

Tessellations’ automated process analyzed incoming data on numerous criteria and compared the spatial footprint to existing and previously collected data at the individual feature level. In addition, the workflow performed QA/QC (e.g., metadata checks, attribute checks, spatial reference conflicts) to ensure deliverables met specifications. If any feature failed to meet the specifications or any other discrepancies occurred in the workflow, the process flagged the feature in log files and notified the workflow operator. The final component of the workflow loaded processed data to the client’s SDE database with the requested attributes and tables.

Services Provided:

Conducting Needs assessment and developing QA/QC requirements

Data Cataloging

Data management and continual enhancement

Integrating data into GIS environment



  • Cataloging incoming data
  • Procedure for identifying overlapping line geometry and for comparing line name to existing records
  • Conducting needs assessment with key users and aid in developing QA/QC requirements
  • Data management procedures and continual enhancements of client’s geodatabases
  • Working with other vendors to integrate their data into the GIS environment


Notable Accomplishments

Tessellations workflow enabled the client to have an efficient, automated method to catalog, check quality and archive large sets of vendor data saving resources and improving quality.