Data Management

Pipeline Data Management

PODS data workflow automation, management, maintenance, validation and loading


Oil & Gas Company,

Houston, Texas

The client had a need for management of large scale pipeline data records including as built surveys. We have worked with the client to manage the records using a third party software data loading processes. This allows for one-off digitized pipeline to be loaded to an SDE relational database, as well as-built data loads, and internally collected field data. A large portion of the pipeline records consists of highly granular data and large amounts of tabular records. The data loading process has also been integrated with client specific development scripts based upon ArcMap and python workflow frameworks.

Services Provided:

Development of workflow scripts

Pipeline data management and maintenance

Data conversion and data validation

Pipeline data load from various sources



  • Development of workflow scripts to speed the data load process through automation
  • Recommendations for adherence to the PODS model
  • Daily data management and maintenance of the pipeline database
  • Conversion of survey records from plats and alignment sheets
  • Validation of data with field personnel for accuracy
  • Loading of pipeline data records from varying sources including as-built, proposed plats, digitizing from imagery, and internal field collection


Notable Accomplishments

Pipeline location records are managed using the PODS data model in an efficient and error proof manner